Dust Filter

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Dust Filter is widely used in modern industry reasons

Dust Filter is the use of fabric made of Dust Filter elements to capture dust particles in the solid particles of the equipment. New filter and automatic cleaning methods, so that this has more than 100 years of history of dust removal equipment is improving, widely used in modern industry.

1. Classification

According to the "Dust Filter classification and specification performance method," the national standard, cleaning method is the main symbol of Dust Filter classification.

(1) mechanical vibration categories: with mechanical devices (including manual, electromagnetic or pneumatic devices) to filter the bag to produce vibration and cleaning Dust Filter, there are non-compartmental work for the gap and suitable for continuous operation of the sub-chamber structure of two Construction of the form of Dust Filter.

(2) sub-room anti-blowing class: take the sub-room structure, the use of valve room to switch the air flow, in the reverse airflow, forced the bag shape shrink or bulging and cleaning Dust Filter.

(3) nozzle blowing class: a high pressure air blower or compressor to provide anti-blowing air flow, through the nozzle to reverse the blow, so that the filter bag deformation and through the filter and cleaning bag dust collector (both Non-compartmental structure).

(4) vibration, anti-blowing and use: mechanical vibration (including electromagnetic vibration or pneumatic vibration) and backwash two kinds of cleaning and use of the Dust Filter (all sub-room structure).

(5) pulse jet type: the compressed air as the cleaning power, the use of pulse blowing mechanism of the moment to release compressed air, induced several times the secondary air high-speed injection bag, the filter bag bulging, relying on the impact of vibration And the reverse air flow and cleaning the Dust Filter.

Structure form

(1) upwind and downwind: upwind is the dusty air inlet is located in the upper part of the bag chamber, air flow and dust settling in the same direction; under the wind is dust-laden air inlet is located in the lower part of the pocket, air And the dust settling in the opposite direction (but if the outside is to see the downwind, but the bag room with a baffle to the dust flow into the upper part of the pocket diffusion, should belong to the wind).

(2) round filter and flat filter: round filter is the filter bag is cylindrical, flat filter refers to the filter bag for the flat (envelope) trapezoidal, wedge and non-cylindrical shape.

(3) Inhalation and push-in: Inhalation refers to the fan is located in the Dust Filter, the Dust Filter for the negative pressure work; press-fit is the fan is located in the bag before the dust collector, Dust Filter is positive Press work.

(4) within the filter and filter: the filter is refers to the dust flow from the bag to the bag outside the bag, the use of dust inside the filter bag;

External filter type refers to the dust flow from the bag outside the bag, the use of filter bag outside the dust.

3. Dust Filter accessories

   Accessories refer to it and Dust Filter host combination and achieve a function and relatively independent of the device, it can be divided into filter unit accessories, cleaning system accessories and ash removal system with accessories.

 According to its use and sources can be divided into two kinds of special accessories and accessories, special accessories is designed for Dust Filter supporting the use of the design and manufacture, such as: filter bag frame, pocket, electromagnetic pulse valve. Selection of accessories is not specifically designed for the Dust Filter, and may be used for other equipment, or general mechanical parts, such as: vibrators, cylinders, butterfly valves and so on.

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