Dual Filter the dual-switching filter

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Dual Filter the dual-switching filter


The dual filter, also known as the dual-switching filter, is formed by connecting two stainless steel filters in parallel. It features a novel and rational structure, excellent sealing, strong flow capacity, and easy operation. With numerous advantages, it is a versatile filtering device with a wide range of applications and strong adaptability. Two three-way ball valves are used to assemble two single-barrel filters onto one machine base, allowing for continuous operation without downtime during filter cleaning.

Dual Filter the dual-switching filter's Specifications:

Model: CHZ-10, CHZ-15, CHZ-20, CHZ-25, CHZ-30, CHZ-40

Filtration Area: 5.0m², 10m², 15m², 20m², 25m², 30m², 40m²

Material: SS304, SS316L, Carbon SteelDesign Pressure: 0.6MPaSeal

Material: Silicone Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Fluoro Rubber, PTFE-encapsulated Fluoro Rubber

Dual Filter the dual-switching filter's Additional Features:Optional insulation jacket design to maintain or increase the liquid temperature, preventing liquid solidification and meeting temperature requirements in the production line.Multiple filters can be connected in parallel, allowing for modular combinations to achieve higher flow rates or continuous production.

Dual Filter the dual-switching filter's Application Range:The dual filter adopts advanced technology from the international water treatment industry, characterized by a large pollutant capacity, fast filtration speed, low operating costs, and convenient operation. It is widely applied in the design, manufacturing, equipment, commissioning, and servicing of water systems, including supply water systems, circulating water systems, sewage systems, and intermediate water systems. Suitable for various industries such as industrial, agricultural, municipal power, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, papermaking, and more.

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